Ground Penetrating Radar Data Translation Service (GPRDTS)

What is Ground Penetrating Radar Data?


With the new family of Ground Penetrating Radar Array systems becoming more and more popular, the sheer volume of data being collected can be a daunting prospect to translate into a CAD environment. Our team have been converting GPR data into easily readable CAD drawings since 1998 and have a vast experience in this field. We also have been writing our own software since 2000 and have a unique ability to undertake accurate and reliable translations very quickly. Working with the most popular single, dual and multiple channel systems on the market today, we can process, filter, analyse and export your collected ground probing radar data into a CAD drawing for you. We do require that data is collected following the manufacturer’s recommended procedures using either a grid, subchord, total station or RTK GPS. We also need a supplied topographical survey showing inspection covers, building lines and kerblines. The positional accuracy is checked and verified against the supplied topographical data and the final CAD model, supplied in either 2D, 3D or both, is issued along with a written report.

If you are having problems processing your radar data or simply have too much to get through, please get in touch to see how we may help you.



Our GPR data is analysed by our highly skilled and qualified team of analysts using software that we have perfected over many years to make the process efficient and accurate. We have multiple levels of quality assurance checks built into our analysis procedure which will provide you with piece of mind that all detected targets have been successfully translated into the resulting CAD model.

Why choose Macleod Simmonds?


The Macleod Simmonds team are known throughout the industry to be the pioneers of GPR array technology with our expertise having been built over many years using many different systems. If we encounter an issue we can usually adapt our software to add new functionality or create a bespoke solution to get the results required. We can read all popular GPR data formats and can deliver what you need as a final result.

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