Utility Route Proving Assessments

What are Utility Route Proving Assessments?


Using the very latest Radar technology, we can offer a fast review of multiple potential routes for a planned utility installation. You can use this information to select or confirm the best route for the installation. We will highlight all detectable utilities, structures and obstructions that may influence the success of the installation. Our Route Proving Assessments provide you with all the information you need to determine the most economic, safest and potentially quickest, installation route to choose, before any ground is broken.

We will supply a plan that will highlight the optimal path to take by showing where there is the least resistance through each specified area. We can also generate a long selection which will show the detected features and utilities that will be encountered upon excavating along the path of least resistance.

Our utility surveys and installation route proving assessments will show the depths of detected buried structures, anomalies, changes and types of construction and utilities which, if required can then allow us to target key areas to upgrade post survey into a fully PAS128:2014 compatible survey. Upgrading key areas, where the ground is to be broken or potential clashes are detected, will save both time and money in not upgrading areas where this level of detail is not required.

Benefits of Utility Route Proving Assessments


We offer a fast and cost-effective assessment for potential utility installation routes. For a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time that would normally be required, we can assess routes and supply a plan showing the path of least resistance that travels through each area.

This allows you to cost and pick the best route before any ground is broken.

Why choose Macleod Simmonds?


We are leaders in subsurface imaging, specialising in the use of Radar technology. We have been leading the way with this approach since our inception and can tackle any project of any size.  Our innovation in this field is unrivalled and our passion for continuous improvement with regards to revealing the unseen, will continue to allow us to push the boundaries of what can be achieved.

We built our reputation on quality. You can safely make decisions based on our surveys in the knowledge that they are complete, accurate and reliable.

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