GPR Surveys and Structural Imaging

What are GPR Surveys and Structural Imaging?

Our GPR Surveys and Structural Imaging technologies allow us to scan the inside of buildings to determine the positions of pipe and duct work within walls, under floors and within ceilings.

We can also detect structural beams, columns and hidden chimney flu’s within walls, along with any hidden doorways within a building by using our high frequency GPR systems.

Our technique is especially useful for finding reinforcing bars within a concrete structure such as a wall or floor slab. This information will allow cores to be taken, or holes drilled to accommodate fixings without conflicting with hidden reinforcing bars.


Knowing where structural elements are hidden within existing buildings, where heating pipes or electrical ductwork is buried within walls or where reinforcing bars are present, works to inform refurbishment designs ahead of construction.

Why choose Macleod Simmonds?

We provide you with high quality, accurate and reliable measurement data in the safest most efficient way.

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