About Us

Macleod Simmonds operate at the forefront of the above and below ground surveying industry. Our precise, reliable geospatial expertise helps our clients in accurately modelling their environments.

Our passion for utilising the latest technology, combined with the deployment of our own proprietary software, allows us to provide cost-effective, efficient and accurate measurement data you can rely on.

Having worked on some of the most high profile engineering projects in the country, we are confident in the ability of our friendly and experienced team to exceed your expectations.

We offer services ranging from subsurface imaging to drone surveys. Whether you need to reveal what’s hidden below ground or measure what you can see above it, get in touch to discuss how our geomatical surveying services can help you meet your goals.

Our Team

craig simmonds
Managing Director

Craig Simmonds

Craig was first introduced to ground probing radar technology in 1993 working for a system manufacturer. He’d previously worked as a topographic land and measured building surveyor and also as a site engineer at the Olympic Village project in Barcelona.

Craig’s fascination with expanding technology saw him start to design ways to blend the complicated radar technology output with standard topographical practises for the construction industry. Constantly innovating with the methodology and technology, Craig has performed training and conducted utility surveys in Vietnam, Japan, India, New Zealand and right across the United States.

As the Managing Director of Macleod Simmonds Limited, Craig is still pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved and is extremely proud of the team who are helping the company grow year on year to achieve their vision of geospatial excellence.

    denise simmonds
    Company Secretary

    Denise Simmonds

    Denise started working for Macleod Simmonds when it first started trading. Having gained a qualification in financial planning, and with a previous career working in financial services and administration, her skills were a great asset to the company in the early years.

    As the company has grown Denise’s role has changed significantly and she is now involved in business development and decision making, alongside overseeing the administration and finances of the company.

    Denise’s natural skills in client liaison and relationship management helped to shape the company culture and helped to make Macleod Simmonds the company it is today.

      jon wainwright
      Software Development Director

      Jon Wainwright

      Jon initially started writing software for Craig in 2001 and the two quickly developed a close working relationship.

      Jon’s incredible software programming skills were in high demand within his industry but the opportunity offered through developing ground probing radar data processing software was simply too much to resist. Working as a part time subcontractor on GPRCADLT up until the development of the multi-channel array system began; Jon developed a keen sense of the technology and how to get the most out of it. He has continued to develop his knowledge and skills to process ever larger amounts of data in more and more complex environments.

        Technical Director

        Chris Hayward

        Chris has been involved in utility mapping and working with GPR systems since 2001.

        With a passion for the technology and the application involved in creating high quality utility maps, Chris was the lead surveyor on many high-profile projects across the capital including Crossrail, City of London schemes and many more.

        From 2009, Chris was working as a production manager and was involved in training and mentoring of junior staff. As well as this, he spent time in the middle east training a Saudi company in the use of EML and GPR surveying.

        In 2011, having worked with the Stream EM since 2010, Chris decided to join forces at Macleod Simmonds as the use of an array GPR system was clearly the next ‘major-step’ in the industry and could clearly see the advantages.
        As the company has grown, Chris is now looking after Health & Safety, project delivery and technical issues.