Measured Building Surveys (MBS)

What are Measured Building Surveys?

Measured Building Surveys produce detailed, accurate dimensioned maps of a building or structure of interest. Using 3D scanning technology, we create BIM compliant 2D or 3D CAD views accurately recording building floor plans, internal and external elevations, and cross-sections with levels of detail going right down to lights, power socket and switch locations.

Our range of services includes traditional method land surveys, full 3D static and mobile 3D laser scanning surveys. You can confidently use our Measured Building Surveys as an accurate starting point for building renovation or modification schemes. They can also be used for ‘As-Built’ surveys. Our volumetric surveys can inform commercial rent reviews (NIA Net Internal Area Surveys).

Using our bespoke methodologies, we can deliver the survey in your preferred format: as 2D or 3D floor plans, 3D models, in bare wire-frame or fully rendered. We can also combine the plan with photographic visualisations to produce colour street scene elevations for planning applications.


A comprehensive Measured Building Survey is an essential part of early-stage design and planning, helping you make reliable decisions based on accurate data.

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