Topographical Surveys

What are Topographical Surveys?


Topographical Surveys produce accurate dimensioned maps or plan drawings of an area of interest. We use 3D scanning technology and conventional techniques to create 2D and 3D CAD maps in your preferred format. We record: grounds and plot boundaries, ground levels and grading, gardens and features including hard landscaping, trees, and ponds. All street furniture, level changes, road markings, building footprints, utility cover positions, ditches, hedges and anything relevant to your project. Our results are presented as 2D and/or 3D CAD Models which can be converted into any required format.

We offer a range of services from traditional-method land surveys through to full static and mobile 3D laser scanning surveys. Macleod Simmonds Land Surveyors use a combination of advanced Total Station, GPS, manual measurement techniques and drone surveys with CAA qualified operators to gather accurate survey data.

Whether you are an Architect, Designer, site owner or a heritage site custodian, you can trust our full Topographical Surveys to accurately inform the design stages of your scheme.

What are benefits of Topographic Surveys?

An accurate Topographic Survey reduces the risk of unforeseen problems later in your project, as it provides clear information informing your design and planning decisions.

Our topographical surveys can be relied upon for accuracy and detail. When you need to know that your design is based on fact, you can trust one of our Topographical surveys.

Why choose Macleod Simmonds?

Our clients know that they can rely on the results that we produce, and that their teams – from ground workers to designers- can rely on what we do. With being accredited by The Survey Association for our passion in utilising the latest technology in topographical surveys, combined with the deployment of our own proprietary software. We have a reputation in the industry for providing our clients with high quality, accurate and reliable measurement data. Get a quote now or take a look at our services to find out more.

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