Subsurface Imaging

What is Subsurface Imaging?


Our Subsurface Imaging solutions are based on High-Density Array Ground Probing Radar (HDAGPR) technology and include 2 no. 40 channel vehicle-towed systems, 2 no. 32 channel and 1 no 24 channel hand pushed systems. The collected information is used with our bespoke in-house GPRCAD™ data analysis and CAD translation software to produce the best possible picture of the unseen environment.

The business end of our towed solution gathers data equivalent to performing a 6cm x 6cm conventional grid over an open carriageway, in live traffic. As none of the survey team are exposed to working in the carriageway and the whole operation is mobile, there is no need for traffic management in carriageways rated to 40mph or less.

For footpaths and smaller areas, we use our compact hand-pushed HDAGPR systems which can collect data equivalent to a 4cm x 4cm orthogonal grid of GPR scans.


The vehicle-towed HDAGPR array can be used at up to 15kmh, due to its 2m footprint and the fast-scanning data rate, which is up to 150 times faster than would be required to collect this resolution of data conventionally. Our systems scan in a single direction and all collected information is immediately positioned to the survey grid.

The high-density data we collect allows us to create accurate subsurface images, showing the location of buried features, utilities, structures, voids and anomalies, along your survey route.

Why choose Macleod Simmonds?

We are the leaders in subsurface imaging, specialising in the use of High Density Array Ground Probing Radar technology. We have been leading the way with this approach and have the largest commercial fleet of array GPR systems in operation today. Our innovation in this field is unrivalled and our passion for continuous improvement with regards to revealing the unseen, will continue to allow us to push the boundaries of what can be achieved.

With being accredited by The Survey Association for our passion in utilising the latest technology, combined with the deployment of our own proprietary software. We have a reputation in the industry for providing our clients with high quality, accurate and reliable measurement data. Get a quote now or take a look at our services to find out more.

You can rely on us to always deliver the best possible result in the best possible timeframe.

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