3D Laser Scanning

What is 3D Laser Scanning?


3D Laser Scanning is a fast, non-destructive, non-intrusive scanning technology that is rapidly becoming the industry standard for above-ground surveying.

We use Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) to measure the distance to a target point before generating 3D (XYZ) co-ordinates, plotting the target point in space. Reflectivity and colour information are also captured. The scan is performed up to 1 million times a second around the scanner, to build up an extremely accurate (+/- 3mm) point-cloud of the immediate area.

3D Laser Scanning is line-of-sight, but when multiple scans are taken from different vantage points, the different point-clouds can be joined together in software to provide you with exceptionally detailed images of your site.

These images can be presented in your preferred format, including Trueview, 3D wire-frame or colour-rendered models. Animated fly-through visualisations can also be produced, for when you need extra impact. We can also extract detail from the resulting point clouds to create 3D Topographical Surveys, building elevations, highway cross-sections or digital terrain maps with contours.


Improved accuracy over conventional methods, at +/- 3mm.

With up to 1 million scans per second, survey data can be captured in hours, reducing operator time on site.

Dangerous or inaccessible areas can be scanned with ease with a range of up to 270m.

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