Aerial Drone Surveys (CAA Qualified)

What are Aerial Drone Surveys?


Sometimes, you want to see what your project looks like up-close. Our Aerial Drone Surveys offer you that capability. Flying close, using High Definition (HD) video or thermal cameras, we can image previously inaccessible or dangerous locations such as roof-tops, high structures and bridges with ease.

Large scale road or rail route surveys are greatly simplified, as our state-of-the-art aircraft can overfly miles of live routes safely and quickly to gather your data. Compared with traditional helicopter or ground-based rope-access methods, we can turn months of surveying work into just weeks, allowing you to add this powerful tool to your survey specification with confidence.

We combine Drone-captured data with more traditional survey methods to build up an accurate, comprehensive picture of your site or structure.


All our pilots are Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licensed holders of the Remote Pilot’s License, with Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) certification. This allows us to operate commercially in the most congested public places.

We take care of all Health & Safety assessments, advising any local Air Traffic Control of our work.

We are fully insured to fly within 5m of buildings, so we can gather up-close, accurate imagery using our HD video or thermal cameras.

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