Subsurface imaging - with our 3D radar

The Macleod Simmonds Team have spent the last 5 years perfecting a unique approach to mapping the hidden environment.

Our subsurface imaging capability is based on High Density Array Ground Probing Radar (HDAGPR) technology mixed with our own, bespoke GPRCAD™ data analysis software suite.

The core of this capability is our vehicle towed 40 channel HDAGPR system which can collect data in a 6cm x 6cm grid over an open carriageway, in live traffic. This is complimented by our 24 channel hand pushed footpath HDAGPR system which allows smaller areas to be covered with a 4cm x 4cm grid of GPR scans.

Both systems offer immense advantages over conventional GPR systems in that they only have to collect data in a single direction and do not require any pre-survey marking out as the systems are accurately positioned as the data is collected.

The density of the data collected allows actual images to be created which reveal the locations and depths of all detectable buried structures, features, changes in construction type, anomalies and indeed utilities. For utility surveys this information is correlated with data collected conventionally using Radio Frequency Locator (RFL) technology, topographical data, record drawings and the information derived from inspection cover investigations to create a comprhensive model of the hidden environment.

The 40 channel HDAGPR offers many other benefits to the data acquisition side of the equation which includes negating the need for full Traffic Management whilst minimising the need for personnel to be exposed working in the carriageway. It can also cover large areas in a fraction of the time that a conventional GPR deployment would require.