Geophysicist Lukasz Olejniczak Takes On The Transcontinental Bike Race

Transcontinental Bike Race

Geophysicist Lukasz Olejniczak Takes On The Transcontinental Bike Race

05 July 2018 by: Macleod Simmonds

The transcontinental bike race is one of the toughest bike races in Europe. Running from Belgium to Greece, with 300 participants covering around 3000 miles, only 40%-50% of entrants successfully complete the race.

We are proud to say that Lukasz Olejniczak, a Senior Geophysicist at Macleod Simmonds, is going to take part this year. He has been training extremely hard.

Commenting on his decision to enter the race, Lukasz said that he is ‘too old to be fast, but I’m the perfect age to start thinking about long distance races’.

Lukasz first took up cycling after a serious motorcycle accident that left him in hospital for several months. Following the accident, Lukasz ‘decided to not ride on motorbikes any more. I had to find some substitute and it brought me to cycling.’

We asked Lukasz why he decided to race ultra-distances.

‘When you are very tired, your brain works in a completely different way. You are not able to experience it, without physical effort for many hours and days. Overcoming my own weaknesses is a crucial thing. During this kind of event you have a crisis every day, sometimes every couple of hours. You have to know how manage them. I look at each of the events like a project, which you have to manage. Ultra-distance events have many areas which you need managing before and during the race: equipment, fitness, food, logistics, money… There are constant challenges to face all of which need decisive resolutions. Staying focussed and overcoming these challenges keeps your mind fully occupied.’

Commenting on the joy he gets from riding bicycles, Lukasz said:

‘I think, it is the perfect vehicle. No pollution, no traffic to stop you, and very simple construction that allows you to maintain it by yourself. The average speed is enough to contemplate everything around you. If you want to pull over, you just pull over. It is so easy to meet other people and chat with them.’

lukasz macleod simmonds training

Macleod Simmonds are proud to sponsor Lukasz in this race. We wish him every success!