About us

Macleod Simmonds is a forward thinking organisation at the forefront of the subsurface surveying industry. A passion for utilising the latest technology in conjunction with our expertise and bespoke software we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective, accurate and reliable measurement data in the safest and most efficient way.

Introducing macleod simmonds

The team

  • Craig Simmonds

    Craig Simmonds - Managing Director

    Craig was first introduced to ground probing radar technology in 1993 working for a system manufacturer. He’d previously worked as a topographic land and measured building surveyor and also as a site engineer at the Olympic Village project in Barcelona.

    Craig’s fascination with expanding technology saw him start to design ways to blend the complicated radar technology output with standard topographical practises for the construction industry. This approach saw Craig in great demand training people and undertaking surveys in Vietnam, Japan and right across the United States, and in turn creating a reliable GPR based utility mapping service here in the UK, in 1999. Boasting a wealth of high profile clients, and becoming a term contractor to the Crossrail project, this business went from strength to strength, and continues to be a major industry player today.

  • Jon Wainwright

    Jon Wainwright - Software Development Director

    Jon initially started writing software for Craig in 2001 and the two quickly developed a close working relationship.

    Jon’s incredible software programming skills were in high demand within his industry but the opportunity offered through developing ground probing radar data processing software was simply too much to resist. Working as a part time subcontractor on GPRCADLT up until the development of the multi-channel array system began; Jon developed a keen sense of the technology and how to get the most out of it.

  • Chris Hayward

    Chris Hayward - Operations Director

    Chris originally started working with Craig in 2001 as a utility mapping surveyor. His grasp of the technology and how to apply it to create accurate and reliable surveys is simply incredible and he quickly became a Senior Surveyor and then a Production Manager.

    His expertise in using GPRCAD and GPRCADLT is unquestionable and his ability to find and identify services with GPR and Radio Frequency Locators is legendary. With his strong abilities within the Utility Mapping arena Chris has trained many Utility Surveyors over the years, many of whom have arguably become some of the best in the industry.