We passed! Celebrating our first Industry Accreditations of the year


We passed! Celebrating our first Industry Accreditations of the year

23 March 2022 by: Craig Simmonds

We are pleased to share our recent completion and passing of two industry accreditations. The first being our annual ISO9001 Certificate, which demonstrates that we maintain required performance standards. This month, we also received a FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Bronze certificate, which certifies that our fleet of vehicles meet all the operational requirements.

ISO9001 Certificate

Macleod Simmonds complete the annual ISO9001 Certificate from the British Assessment Bureau to demonstrate that our surveys meet the required performance standards. The certificate assists us in achieving our ongoing goal of operational excellence in the geospatial surveying space. We are proud to possess this globally recognised accreditation that gives our customers further confidence that Macleod Simmonds’ procedures are of the highest standard.

FORS Bronze Certificate

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (Or FORS as they are more commonly known) have assessed us and awarded our fleet with a Bronze certificate. The aims of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme are to raise transport industry standards with regard to safety, best practice, efficiency and environmental protection. From our recent award, we demonstrate that we possess all the necessary requirements that meet these industry standards. Accuracy, efficiency and safety are among the key focuses of our geospatial surveyors.

As a leader and innovator in the Geospatial Surveying industry, we always strive for continued success. Therefore, we focus on achieving important industry standards and certifications, to continue to prove our excellence in providing high profile utility mapping across the UK.


The full list of our industry accreditations can be found on the home page.