Leading the way in 3D Ground Penetration Radar Technology

3D Radar

Leading the way in 3D Ground Penetration Radar Technology

07 October 2020 by: Craig Simmonds

The world above ground has changed so much this year. Whilst many are standing still, we are continuing to look at new ways to serve our clients, and reduce the risks associated with large infrastructure projects across the country. We have always loved to push technology beyond it’s limits, and are looking forward to doing so with our latest investment in the new generation 2.1m 3D Radar system. This is the largest array of its type in the UK currently, covering a wider footprint with each pass which enables a higher coverage per shift and a greater general efficiency when on site.

This ground-breaking unit is built using a different technology to our previous ‘impulse, centre frequency’ systems and is based on a continuous wave. The array operates at between 100Mhz and 3Ghz which allows it to see deeper, whilst also being able to collect high resolution information at shallower depths. Essentially, these advances allow the new system to perform a single acquisition, looking for both shallow and deep utilities, then re-analyse the same data for pavement construction information and/or buried structure conditional data.

The application specification is vital as the unit can be optimised to collect data at motorway speeds for some applications, which provides our expert field team with the ability to customise the operation to best fit the environment and objectives of the survey.

In terms of deployment, the 3D Radar is easily transportable and ready to survey in minutes, with very little in the way of complicated mechanics to let you down during a survey. The data it produces is of exceptional clarity and has even our most seasoned and experienced GPR professionals getting excited; indeed, they are busy putting together new protocols for applications that will most definitely prove beneficial in terms of cost and time savings to large infrastructure projects.

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