Macleod Simmonds Limited operate using 2 main GPR data processing software suites, GPRCAD™ and GPRCAD LT™.

Back in 2000 the GPR data being collected was printed using a thermal printer and the targets marked using a pen before being scaled and manually plotted onto a CAD drawing. This process was extremely time-consuming and could often end up as confused as a GPR mark-out survey in a busy city centre! The answer was to develop software to allow the user to pick targets, connect them together and then export them directly into CAD, in the correct positions.

GPRCAD LT was subsequently developed and in permanent use in just a few months. The difference it made to the teams productivity was dramatic, cutting the office to site day ratio from 2:1 to 1:1; in addition, the output generated became far more consistent and reliable across multiple operators.

In 2008 High Density Array Ground Probing Radar (HDAGPR) technology was being investigated by the team, it showed significant potential over conventional GPR systems but needed more development to meet our requirements. A deal was struck with a GPR systems manufacturer and a prototype of a new HDAGPR system delivered shortly afterwards.

It quickly became apparent that GPRCAD LT was never going to handle the sheer volume of data that the new system produced so a completely new software development was started. The resulting software suite, GPRCAD is now in daily use across multiple workstations in the UK, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand. Designed specifically for HDAGPR data the system is fast, can handle large data volumes and is very intuitive in its operation.

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