Protecting the Infrastructure of City of London

The Client

City of London needed an urgent scan of the area around one of the sensitive sites.


“With time being essential to start securing the site, we needed a scan fast – but it needed to be accurate, due to the huge amount of utilities underground.”

Ben Manku, Construction Manager, City of London

Rapid-Response Accuracy

As soon as the call came in from City of London, Macleod Simmonds’ team got to work on a comprehensive survey plan. The plan called for: • Advanced mobile GPR scanning of the sub-surface area with total station tracking. • Lifting and investigating all utility covers in and near the search area with contents logged and photographed. • Tracing of all located utilities using Electro-Magnetic locator (EML) technology.

“They always work to the budget and deliver on the times they set. They are totally reliable.”

Ben Manku, Construction Manager, City of London

Delivering the Goods Overnight

The scanning team worked overnight to deliver the urgently needed survey to the client the next day. Using hand-pushed mobile GPR array units (Stream C or HDAGPR), the team carried out a BSI PAS128:2014 - M4p utility survey. All data was positioned to the grid using Surveyors Total Station. In addition to the GPR scan, the team lifted and investigated all accessible utility covers, where it was safe to do so, within and immediately outside the search area. The utility duct contents were all logged and photographed. All encountered utilities were traced through the whole search area using passive Electro-Magnetic Locator (EML) technology. The data was positioned to the grid using a Surveyors Total Station. Macleod Simmonds’ in-house team of best-in-class processing experts filtered and analysed the collected data to reveal all detected sub-surface utilities, structures and features, ready for delivery to the client.

“They mobilised a team in one day. To reduce any disruptions, they did the scan overnight. Once that was done, they processed the data and supplied the results the following day. Brilliant!”

Ben Manku, Construction Manager, City of London


“I have worked with Macleod Simmonds for over 8 years and I have a very good working relationship with them. They have always been flexible in our requests and happy to rescan any areas if there is a recourse of content. I will always use Craig and the team at Macleod Simmonds. I have always found them to give a fast, professional, reliable and excellent service.”

Ben Manku, Construction Manager, City of London