Utility mapping specialist surveys

This is our team’s strongest area of expertise and we can help you with your sub-surface evaluation needs.

Whether you need a fully comprehensive BIM Compatible 3D model of the labyrinth of services beneath a busy city centre or simply want to know where the drainage system exits your site, we can help.

Using the very latest technology, some of which is exclusive to Macleod Simmonds, we provide the information your design team need enable a realistic and viable design to be established before construction. We also offer solutions to most situations that you may encounter whilst construction is underway, to minimise downtime when the unexpected is unfortunately encountered.

The key to our offering is reliability, which is why we have the reputation we have. Our utility mapping surveys as standard include everything that we are able to detect beneath the ground due to our unique imaging capability. This means that your Utility Mapping Survey will include all detectable Cellars, Buried Structures, Anomalies and Features.

Please take a look at the following examples:

  • BIM Compatible 3D Model
  • Fully Annotated 2D Model
  • Utility Installation Feasibility Study – Long Section