Above ground specialist surveys

Our main speciality is in mapping the hidden environment; however, without reference to accurate above ground information even the most comprehensive subsurface model is of little use.

This is why the Macleod Simmonds team have invested heavily in our above ground surveying capability. As of 18th November 2013 we are offering a full Land and Measured Building Surveying service. We offer a range of services from traditional method land surveys through to full 3D Static and even Mobile 3D Laser Scanning surveys.  

If you need accurate and reliable above ground information for your project then please contact us to discuss your needs. Below are examples of the information we are able to supply you with:

  • BIM Compatible 3D Modelling
  • 3D Laser Scan Services
  • Topographical Survey (2D or Full 3D)
  • Measured Building Survey (2D or Full 3D)
  • Conventional Elevations, Street Scenes
  • Building Sections
  • Floor Plans
  • Volumetric Surveys