The Macleod Simmonds Team Achieve ISO 9001 Accreditation

Effective systems are the core to any successful business and the management team at Macleod Simmonds take the subject very seriously. Traceability of data is essential within our business as is the need for constant monitoring, measurement and review to ensure that we continue to deliver the high quality survey data that we are renowned for.


Macleod Simmonds Quality Management System has just been given the UKAS Accredited ISO9001:2008 certification after a successfully passing a recent audit. The award is a credit to the team who have worked hard to design, develop and implement the system and will continue to grow with the company as it expands into new markets.

Our fresh approach to the accepted norm is being well received by clients across a number of different market places.  We strive to identify and implement efficiencies via innovative methodologies and through mixing different technologies to provide more, for less and in a safer way.

The UKAS certified management system that we now have in place will further enhance our capabilities whilst providing an extra reassurance to our clients that using us is a decision that they be glad they made.